English training in Stockholm
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Författare:  bloomsbury [ mån 17 aug, 2015 22:50 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: English training in Stockholm

I played four matches in English at Soft tonight, against David T and Dave O respectively:

David-Greger 205-355

Greger-David 328-228

Dave-Greger 486-251
Dave: rEMANIE 72 p

Greger-Dave 330-373
Greger: (G)LAcIATE 62 p, oTARINE 75 p
Dave: *INSUREE 70 p

Författare:  bloomsbury [ sön 12 mar, 2017 21:27 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: English training in Stockholm

On Wednesday March 8th 2017, Gunnar, Ed, Lisa and I met in the lobby of Scandic Continental in Stockholm for three rounds of English Scrabble, and a few rounds of beer and some food. It was very nice meeting Ed, who was in town for a business trip! I should've studied the useful additions to the new wordlist CSW15 ... Gunnar recommended using the Scrabble Checker app for adjudication on Android phones. Here are the results:

Round 1
Gunnar-Greger 424-365
Gunnar: RAVAgES 68 p
Greger: SALTIES 67 p, TRIPPIN(G) 66 p

Lisa-Ed 238-433
Ed: IRISATES 77 p, another for 68 p

Round 2
Lisa-Greger 306-367
Greger: LEaRNI(N)g 62 p
Lisa: WAITERS 69 p

Gunnar-Ed 381-472
Gunnar: AREOLAS 76 p
Ed: (I)NUNDATE 63 p, MoNSTER 79 p, GORIEST 75 p

Round 3
Greger-Ed 282-462
Ed: INTROIT 84 p, sIREnIC 75 p

Lisa-Gunnar 366-655
Lisa: DELEGaT(E) 63 p
Gunnar: TOPLINE(R) 70 p, MUTA(TI)oNS 149 p, (M)OUTHING 95 p, POLDERS 71 p, *SORERI(A)L 79 p

Författare:  bloomsbury [ sön 14 maj, 2017 19:36 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: English training in Stockholm

Hi, I don't know if there is equipment at Soft for playing in English, so I'll bring a few tile bags and score sheets. I hope to be there around six o'clock. Even if I'm very late about this, I hope I can get to play a few matches as preparation for the NSC/SM on Saturday. :) Greger

Författare:  bloomsbury [ mån 15 maj, 2017 17:02 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: English training in Stockholm

I'm on my way to Soft but I may have to cut my stay short due to an unexpected visit to an ophthalmologist that left my eyes a bit groggy.

Författare:  bloomsbury [ tis 16 maj, 2017 22:33 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: English training in Stockholm

Yesterday we played four matches at Soft using the new dictionary CSW15.

Round 1
Marc-Greger 321-321
Greger: (S)ERRaTES 74 p
Due to a few technical and handling mishaps with the clock, we calculated it as a draw. :-)

Round 2
Anna-Greger 365-392
Greger: (NU)TRItIoN 76 p, SERRATE 79 p
Anna: TANNERS 64 p

Gunnar-Marc 527-294
Gunnar: TOEBIEs 88 p, EsTRIOL 81 p, CA(N)TERED 68 p

Round 3
Greger-Marc 420-406
Greger: WRaNGLE 78 p, FL(a)UNTER 70 p
Marc: SAMBAED 70 p, OUTLIeS 72 p

Författare:  marc roddis [ ons 17 maj, 2017 18:11 ]
Inläggsrubrik:  Re: English training in Stockholm

I was kinda joking about calling Round 1 a tie (I did not think we would publish the results). We should call it a win for you since I was the one doing all the mishapping.
I am gonna spend the next two days practicing clock-pressing so that I am on top form on Saturday. :D

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