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SEST 2012?

Inläggav marc_roddis » mån 12 mar, 2012 21:03

At the recent Tea Cup I proposed the idea of creating a knock-out match-play English-language Scrabble tournament in similar format to that used for the British Elimination Scrabble Tournament (BEST). I propose we call the tournament Swedish Elimination Scrabble Tournament (SEST). I am willing to administer the tournament for 2012.

BEST allows for maximum flexibility and also, since players play significant numbers of games per match, increases the chance that the final winner is approximately best (or sest as we say in Sweden :) ). Information about BEST is found here:

I propose that the draw is done (as in UK) based firstly on geography and then on rating (see example list below). Highest and lowest in the list below refer to ratings of the players living in that region:
Stockholm (8 players):
Highest vs. lowest
Second highest vs. SEcond lowest
Third highest vs. Third lowest.
Fourth highest vs. Fourth lowest.
Uppsala (2 players)
Highest vs. lowest
Göteborg (2 players)
Highest vs. lowest
and so on...
Winning players qualify for round 2, the draw for which is done on a similar basis.
I also suggest:
Round 1 (Best of 7 games).
Round 2 (Best of 9 games).
Rounds 3 and subsequent (except final): (Best of 11 games).
Final: (Best of 19 games).

For each match the players decide on venue and match conditions (players could, for example, share travel and accommodation costs, where necessary). I propose that WESPA rules are used with 5 point penalty per challenged word.

I hope you like my proposal. Please share your thoughts about it on this forum. If you would wish to be involved please also indicate this. Please count me in :)
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