List of highest move scores

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List of highest move scores

Inläggav bloomsbury » lör 18 maj, 2013 14:57

Hi! I've finally compiled a list with the highest move scores recorded in Swedish tournaments in English Scrabble. I've gone through the remaining match reports, score sheets and other notes from the tournaments I've arranged. Hopefully the list is not too far from being complete, but all corrections and additions are most welcome, from other tournament directors of course, and info on coordinates, 2x2, 3x3 etc. Scanning and linking to match reports and score sheets remain to be done. Also, if you have photos of boards with any of these words, please send them to me or publish them in this thread. /Cheers, Greger
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Re: List of highest move scores

Inläggav leonardson » mån 27 maj, 2013 00:34

Hi Greger,
Do I get onto this list now?
Think I got 119 for WADINGS.
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Blev medlem: mån 29 apr, 2013 13:44

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