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InläggPostat: tis 11 mar, 2014 01:12 

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Dear all,
There are 7 months to go until the second edition of the Romanian Open Scrabble Tournament will start in Cluj Napoca, Romania, in the heart of ancient Transylvania.
It is the only tournament held in the continental part of the Europe, initiated and promoted year-by-year by a group of enthusiastic players from various countries, under the new brand Continental Scrabble Championships, which was fonded at the last edition of SCT in Prague.
Cluj Napoca is waiting for you with its traditions, beauties and hospitality.
Grand Hotel Napoca **** is located on the banks of the Someş river, near Central Park, at a walking distance from the city center. Rooms have modern decor and come with carpeted floors, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. There are also tea and coffee making facilities. The restaurant serves international food and has an à la carte menu. There are facilities for players with disabilities. The room prices are 45 EUR/ single room and 50 EUR/ double room, breakfast included and they may be lower until the date of tournament. Lunch and dinner are optional and cost no more than 12 EUR each.
We will play 22 games, WESPA and ABSP rated, between 10 and 12 of October, 2014, and the host of the event will be Grand Napoca Hotel****. The tournament will follow WESPA rules v2, using the CSW12 lexicon and self-adjudication, with 5-point penalty per unsuccessfully challenged word and a Swiss pairing scheme with 1-2 repeats, depending on the evolution of the top results, combined with Round-Robin groups of 4 players for first 3 rounds and KOTH for last 1-2 rounds.
Registration (including refreshments during coffee breaks / ratings levy): 80 EUR. Non-residents, add 20 EUR. Deduct 5 EUR if you bring a complete scrabble. Prize fund: minimum of 1000 euros for at least 30 players (may increase, depending on registration). Live coverage will be available on our federation site:
Travelling to Cluj-Napoca is easier than it seems to be. The international airport in Cluj is 20 minutes away from the hotel (much closer than in Bucharest) and have direct flights to London Luton (Wizz Air), Munchen(Lufthansa), Dortmund (Wizz Air), Tel Aviv (Wizz Air), Eindhoven (Wizz Air), Vienna (Austrian Airlines/ Tarom), Bologna, Milan Bergamo, Roma, Treviso(Wizz Air), Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia (Wizz Air), Paris Beauvais (Wizz Air), Prague (Czech Airlines/ Tarom). The Tel Aviv flight is arriving Friday 10th of October at 12.55 and returning on Monday morning so it’s a veritable city-break for players coming from Israel. Also, there are a number of internal flights from Bucharest to Cluj, operated by Tarom. There is a direct flight from Stockholm to Bucharest operated by Tarom. From Bucharest you can choose a train or a bus instead of an internal flight, the prices are under 20 euros by bus or 35 euros by a 3-bed-cabin in a night train. Another interesting idea might be to land in Budapest, visit the capital of our neighbours, Hungary, where are no scrabble players at all, so few chances to have a tournament there in the future, and take a bus or train to Cluj. Busses are departing from all major airports and train stations in Budapest, and you can study some of them here, for a normal day:
The prices are the same as from Bucharest, for busses or night-trains.
No matter what you choose, please inform us, so to welcome you at the place of arriving. We will do our best for you to have a nice trip and to show you before and after the contest, if you will have time and mood, some of the beauties of Transylvania – the ancient town of Sighisoara, the medieval town of Sibiu, the salt mine of Turda, being one of the coolest underground places in the world, as is presented here - – or some of the Maramures beauties.
It will be an honor for us to have at least a Swedish player in the competition, because you are a part of the Continental European Scrabble and in the future a lot of World players are interested to take part in an international tournament to be held by Sweden.

If you would like to come, or even if you're just considering it, please contact us.
Cătălin-Eugen CABA +40 744 575 264
Septimiu CRIVEI

Best regards!
Catalin Caba - Romania

InläggPostat: tor 27 mar, 2014 18:23 

Blev medlem: fre 20 jan, 2012 23:46
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There are new routes operated by Wizz Air from Malmo to Budapest or Bucharest at very affordable prices (under 200 euros). We're waiting for you to join us, we will have rating prizes and players from all over the world with various ratings.

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